The Editor Pant, and Other Clothing I Reluctantly Purchased This Weekend

6 Dec

Interview suit has officially been purchased, courtesy of Express and two friends who were willing to walk my woeful self through the shopping process and tell me what looked good and what didn’t. Here’s what I got:

The Studio Stretch One-Button Jacket in Medium Charcoal: “Sophisticated style and shape is a wear-to-work must-have. Midweight stretch fabric hugs your curves for a flattering fit. Pair with our Editor Pant for a chic office look.” And pair it with the Editor Pant I did, albeit reluctantly, since of course the pants are the wrong length and I’ll have to get them tailored. (Note to self: learn to hem pants.) I also got the Studio Stretch High-Waisted Pencil Skirt, described as a “stylish update to your workday repertoire.” Since my “workday repertoire” currently consists of long sleeve tees that I try to disguise as work-appropriate shirts by wearing them with silk scarves, thrift store pants, and the same two pairs of shoes in endless rotation, I guess just about anything would constitute a stylish update. I also got a couple shirts in Red Lacquer and Bright Salmon, one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved. The short-sleeved one has squeezy sleeves, definitely on my list of Things That Drive Me Crazy, but Bright Salmon apparently brings out the undertones in my skin (says one of my friends, who knows about such things), and I am grudgingly willing to make a sacrifice in the name of successful interviews. I gulped when the sales associate told me the price – let’s just say I could have bought a lot of long-sleeved tees and accessorizing scarves with that kind of money – but it was a good deal for the quality and quantity of what I got. Next up: shoes and jewelry. One week until my first interview. 


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