Worth Checking Out: World Pulse

7 Dec

I was recently introduced to World Pulse (www.worldpulse.com) by a friend who has been working through the organization to improve women’s access to education and healthcare in her hometown in rural Uganda. People, World Pulse is cool. It’s a self-described worldwide media and connection network devoted to helping women find a global voice. WP offers training and resources to grassroots women journalists and provides online and printed forums for their stories. Women from over 185 countries use PulseWire, an interactive community resource, to connect with other women, find jobs and resources, and start new programs and businesses. The World Pulse Action Center (http://worldpulse.com/action), described as a “global bulletin board,” lists requests for volunteers, mentors, tutors, investments, and donated items or services. If you’d like a way to generate significant positive change for women all over the world  but don’t have the funds to make significant donations, the Action Center provides plenty of meaningful opportunities to share your talents or time without making financial commitments (although those are welcome too). I’m inspired by World Pulse and the women who make their voices heard on its forums, and if you take the time to check it out, I bet you’ll be inspired too.


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