Awesome Stuff That Happened This Week

12 Feb
  1. Prop 8 was overturned!
  2. Rep. Maureen Walsh made this speech.
  3. I submitted my rank order list for internship. I read a deeply inspiring article a couple months ago about a circus psychologist, so I put “Cirque du Soleil: Cavalia Rotation” as my top choice. Sure, maybe Cirque du Soleil isn’t officially participating in the Match, but once they find out I ranked them first, they’ll be so blown away by my go-getter attitude and sassy confidence that they’ll immediately create and accredit an internship just for me.
  4. TWO of my friends successfully proposed their dissertations this week. Way to go, Kasey and Matt!
  5. Although it’s too early to tell for sure, my friend Wesley appears to have beaten the odds and narrowly avoided death by brain-eating amoebas despite constant misuse of his NetiPot.
  6. I reacquainted myself with the cinematic masterpiece The Neverending Story.
  7. An eighth grader with autism described me as a “smokin’ hottie” and asked me to be his valentine. Watch out Ted, you’ve got competition. Among the middle school set… with serious social and behavioral difficulties. You know what, never mind.
  8. My cat demonstrated improved comprehension of the “play dead” command. Admittedly, this trick is pretty close to his usual preferred state.

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