My name is Lindsey, and I’m a fourth-year graduate student in a counseling psychology Ph.D. program at [Large Western University] in [Western State]. I recently came to the worrisome realization that my “future career” is now within spitting distance, and as I searched online for voices that could reassure me that I’m fully capable of being a successful psychologist despite youthful uncertainty and a subpar ability to select fashionable work attire – voices that said things like, “Yes, Lindsey, you will pass through the gaping maw of internship applications and emerge triumphant on the other side,” and “Lindsey, once you’re done with school, somehow people will think that you know what you’re doing in a way that inspires them to pay you actual money” – I found that there weren’t many voices out there. It felt… lonely.

So I decided to write this blog. Obviously, given my current position, I can’t really give you the reassurance I sought for myself, but I can connect with you, wherever you may be in your education or career; I can bring you with me on my journey toward whatever it means to be a seasoned psychologist, with attention to all the seasonings involved. This blog is mostly devoted to my day-to-day experiences as a psychologist-in-training, with a smattering of thoughts on current events or particularly interesting research, and maybe some pictures of my cats if they do especially cute stuff. I won’t speak specifically about any of my clients. I won’t pretend to be an expert in anything, although I’ll share what insights I have. I will welcome any of your thoughts, unless your thoughts happen to be trollish, discriminatory thoughts, in which case I’ll yank them off the comments section so fast that you might hear a whooshing sound. I won’t take myself very seriously.

Some facts about me: I’m 25. I was born in Kentucky and spent most of my life sweating contentedly in various parts of the Southeast. I have an extremely excellent husband. I also have two cats and a newt. Unlike the cats, the newt doesn’t make trouble. My hobbies include reading, subscribing to an unreasonable number of magazines, stealing magazines from waiting rooms, artsy-fartsy things, cake and cookie decorating, and dancing badly.


One Response to “About”

  1. Mischa December 23, 2013 at 12:36 am #

    Hello Lindsey,
    It’s lovely to read your blog. I found it randomly! I’m also a new psych in training and your posts are wonderful to read. I share similar sentiments and a need to connect with other psychs. Being a fresh psych is indeed an exciting yet nerve wrecking. Wishing you success and gratification in your journey 🙂

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