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4 Dec

Knocked out another graduate milestone this Thursday and proposed my dissertation!

Here’s how proposals work in my program. You write up a lit review and research plan in the ballpark of 40-50 pages, get your adviser’s thumbs-up, distribute copies to your four-person committee, attempt to schedule a 1.5-hour block that works for all four committee members, weep because they have no 1.5-hour block in common in the next month and how will you ever herd these people into a room together?, and find a 1.5-hour block that everyone has in common. Then you treat your committee to a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation, desperately try to mask your limited understanding of bias-corrected bootstrap methods, fail to do so, and sheepishly write down your committee’s advice. That’s it. You don’t have to bring doughnuts. It’s basically impossible not to get your committee’s approval. But there are ample opportunities to sound stupid, which is what makes proposals so scary.

I celebrated the survival of mine with a How I Met Your Mother marathon. Aaaaand am still celebrating, thanks to the celebration-extending properties of Netflix. Also, I ate a cupcake for breakfast on Friday. I’m the kind of girl who knows how to party.

I guess now I actually have to write the dissertation.

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